Capital Cities

by Run-On Sunshine

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Recorded to four-track cassette at The Meow House, Tucson, Arizona, March 18 - 23, 2013, and at West Key West, Tucson, Arizona, June 15, 2016.

All three songs take place in capital cities.

The cassette edition of this release has an extended version of "Character/Actor" that is not available digitally. Sadly, it is now out-of-print!

The digital edition of this release contains four bonus tracks that are not on the cassette; each of these is a different version/mix of a song on the cassette. Think of it as a maxi-single.


released March 24, 2013

Run-On Sunshine on these recordings is Mullarkey.




Run-On Sunshine Tucson, Arizona

Summer 2017 tour dates!:


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Track Name: Character/Actor (Amélie/Audrey)
I’m thinking ‘bout a girl named Amélie.
Who lives in Paris behind a silver screen.
Has adventures alone, as shy as can be.
There’s a boy she likes but does he see her?
She changes people’s lives like an angel above.
Can she find a stratagem to win his love?

I’m in love with the character!
I follow the films of the actor!

I’m thinking ‘bout a lady named Audrey.
Who’s starred in many fine films like Amélie.
Happenstance came before, but it wasn’t worthy.
Then she showed her range with He Loves Me…Not.
Dirty Pretty Things’ darkness was a world away.
A Very Long Engagement saw her back with Jeunet.

I follow the films of the actor!
I’m in love with the character!

Flew way to Paris to see like Amélie.
Skipping stones upon the Canal Saint-Martin.
Café des 2 Moulins to eat crème brûlée.
Looked for discarded photos in the Métro station.
To the top under Basilique du Sacré-Coeur.
What a view of Paris and Amélie’s world.

Makes my imagination run away.
And I’m not acting when I say…
Could I find a girl who has stratagems for me?
Track Name: The Ballad of Black Garfield
I love this touring life of mine!
Each town’s a new cat friend to find.
Outside Olympia by the lake.
Met Black Garfield at Interesting Place!

Named after a comic strip cat!
Hunts not lasagna, but for voles.
Beneath his house next door to where there’s…
Chickens and sheep and grazing goats!

Those who showed later met him not!
Cat wandered off way from the crowd.
Missed fine acts playing out and in.
Generifus, Richard Album, Calvin!

Show over curled up on the floor.
Such fun playing Mikrofest XVIII.
From the porch Black Garfield walked in.
Flopped next to me to pet this kitty!

Meow! Black Garfield!
Track Name: Magical Unrealism
Lived in Austin after moving out…
Of my parents’ house, this time for good.
Was hard to make friends in a town so hip.
Like a competition that I could not win.
I’d see touring bands at Emo’s cheap.
Two buck cover’s all ‘cause I didn’t drink.
Yeah and Trail of Dead when they still rocked.
But between bands had no one to talk.
Except those who worked at Emo’s door.
Got to know my face, saw me so much.
Like this lovely girl who took no crap.
When the drunks would not vacate at two a.m.

Was not so long ago.
Where is that girl now I will never know.
Our numbers didn’t share.
Before I left Austin one night she was gone.

I’d wander streets like Guadalupe.
Which they pronounce wrong, in its heyday.
Daniel Johnston’s mural round the corner…
From Sound Exchange and Quackenbush Café.
My furnished closet was in Hyde Park.
With its giant oaks, strolled to the creeks.
In a big city, I found such peace.
First time alone I could really be happy.
Yet dealing with news of mom’s dying.
Needed things beyond hill country hikes.
Said bye to first town that felt like home.
And think of moving back each time I visit, yet…

Here’s what feels unreal.
Trees and mural are still there but so much is gone.
Yet magic cannot be…
Evicted or torn down while Barton Creek still runs.
As long as capital and the clock tower glow.
I’ll always be tempted to try once more.
Or wonder if I made a mistake by leaving.
Left wandering forever in search of home.

Guadalupe Street.
She worked the door.
So much is gone.