The Shape of Cats Who've Gone and Shall Come

by Run-On Sunshine



This cat plays!

Lathe cut temporarily out-of-stock, but hope to have more available later in 2017!


released December 28, 2016

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Run-On Sunshine Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Kitties in Heaven
Not qualified to know whether there’s a heaven, but it comforts me to dream what it could be like: those things on earth I love most sweetly collected, but never tainted by the fear of pain and loss.

I respect all traditions with one exception: Those that hold heaven’s no place for animal friends. Because my life’s been blessed by fluffy little angels. I never did believe before I met a cat!

So my dream heaven’s filled with all cats I’ve loved, perpetually purring in the endless sun! Passed from earth but will live forever in heaven, where they’ll never fight each other or run away!

I’ll be petting even kitties met just one day, but touched my heart in a way I’ll never forget! And all the cats I’ve been close to through the years, who lived with me, band mates, friends and neighbors like…

Chauncey! Rocky! Tenchi! Bowie! Mr. Wick! Chance! Precious! Emma! Noodle! (Now, you can say or sing the name of a beloved animal friend who has passed to heaven!)

Kitties in heaven! And to make a perfect heaven for me, you, and you, kitties will be hanging with puppies, too!
Track Name: The Call of Tempe
From the day my head got fixed on this Valley move idea, I knew that downtown Phoenix, yeah, was where I’d make it real. Yet Tempe still has more of that compact, cozy feel. I know you’re not wrong when you say you’d rather live down there.

Tempe yeah they’re calling! Tempe yeah they’re calling!

You’re texting me about this house show that’s so cool. The Trunk Space needs me tonight and you know I need them too. The weekend’s got one more half; light rail will take you here. But 15 blocks down Roosevelt’s too much for you to deal.

Dig this: I’ll take that train to Mill and poke out my head. Hop on and join me. Then we’ll ride back together. I’ve got this whole city to show.

Tempe yeah they’re calling! Tempe yeah they’re calling!

Or I can bring my bike on board, we’ll ride your way. From leaves of Maple Ash to Southern’s strip mall gape. If some Tempe toy steals with convenience your heart, whomever I meet next I bet will live even more far.

Mesa yeah they’re calling! Chandler yeah they’re calling! Glendale yeah they’re calling! Surprise yeah they’re calling! Tempe yeah they’re calling!

My loneliness is sprawling.
Track Name: Tina is a (Boy) Cat
Tina! Tina is a cat! Meow! Tina is a tabby cat! Meow! Tina is an orange tabby cat! Meow! Tina is a boy orange tabby cat!

Tina! Tina has a sister! Meow! Tina has a sister named Burrow Owl! Meow! Tina has a sister named Burrow Owl who’s a tortoise shell cat!

Tina! Tina gives hugs! Meow! Tina gives kitty cat hugs! Meow! Tina gives the best kitty cat hugs that ever was!

Tina! Tina is a boy cat!